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Search Engine Pro
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Search Engine Pro

Search Engine Pro tracks search engine activity on your site.

price: $30 USD

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You no longer have to wonder what search engines your site is in, and how often they update your pages. Search Engine Pro tracks whichever search engines you nominate, logging their visits to file. See when each engine crawled a particular page, and use this information to fine tune your search engine submissions. Don't waste time submitting pages to an engine which already has you listed, and visits often!

Search Engine Pro uses a mysql database.

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This script has the following features:

  1. Individual files kept on all search engines, showing which they crawled and date of crawl.
  2. View how many pages the search engine has visited on your site.
  3. Which pages they have crawled.
  4. Ip address of search engine.
  5. Daily logs kept of all search engine visits.
  6. Total search engine hits count.
  7. Daily search engine hits count.
  8. Administration section to view logged information.
  9. Log files can be kept - or deleted at will.
  10. Searchable log files - search individual files or all files.
  11. Can get set to your time (using GMT time)
  12. Can be run from a cgi/perl script - or non-parsed html pages.
  13. Can be used on external domains if cgi isn't available for that domain.
  14. Script can be used on multiple domains/subdomains within the same website/hosting account.
  15. Individual files kept on all search engines, showing which they crawled and date of crawl.

Purchase Search Engine Pro